Ichinen Tasco

TASCO has 45 years of expertise in the air conditioning industry, particularly in the provision of high-quality AC installation equipment in Japan. Currently, TASCO has extended its operations throughout the country using original Japanese designs. PT Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia recommends using the TASCO tool to ensure high quality in all jobs.

Ball Valve Manifold Kit with 92cm Charging Hose

■ Ball valve open/close knobs
■ 1/8″ NPT gauge connections
■ 5/16″ (1/2-20UNF) fittings
■ The part number of manifold (without gauges) is TA122K-11.
■ The part number of high gauge is TA140GBPK.
■ The part number of low gauge is TA141GBPK.
■ 92cm Charging hose (Red/Blue/Yellow)



Due to the 2 step action, much easier to bend 180 degrees compared to conventional benders!
Size – 5/8
Bending radii – 57.2mm
Length – 690mm

Gas Leak Detection Spray

– Very light and easy to carry anywhere.
– Effective and easy to find the leaks.
– Easy to use just spray the gas leak detection to the leak point suspected area, if there is a leak bubbles will come out after spraying even the leak is very small.

Primary Ingredients:
– Alkyl, polyglycolide, sodium benzoate, purified water.
– Weight : 350g

Ultra-Mini Two Stage Vacuum Pump (with Anti Oil Backflow Solenoid Valve)

Part No. TA150SW-EXP
Free Air Displacement 1.4CFM (40L/min.)
Rotor Two Stage
Ultimate Vacuum 25 microns
Voltage 220~240V
Motor / RPM 70W / 2880 r.p.m.
Vacuum Pump Oil
Capacity 100 ml
Intake Fitting 5/16″ (1/2-20UNF)
Dimensions / Weight 100W × 245D × 160H mm / 3.75kg
Accessories 1/4″ Male × 5/16″ Female adapter (TA159P-4)
Options Vacuum gauge kit (TA142MK-EXP, TA142MD),
Carrying case (TA150PS, TA150CS-21)

Primary Specification:

Free Air Displacement – 1.4 CFM (40ℓ/min.)
Ultimate Vacuum – 25 microns

Tool Kit (Complete ) R410 R32

Complete tool kit for installation of air conditioner!
Various tools cover services for installation, detach & transfer and repair for air conditioners.
Precise measurement of flaring with flar size gauge.

Gauge Manifold Kit (TA122GBP)
Charging Hose (TA133AF)
Charging Valve (TA166ZA) x 2 pcs
Charging Adapter (TA165AF)
Torque Wrench 1/4 (TA771B)
Torque Wrench 3/8 (TA771H)
Torque Wrench 1/2 (TA771L-2)
Torque Wrench 5/8 (TA771R-2)
Flaring Tool (TA550NE)
Tube Cutter (TA560TA)
Reamer (TA530)
Flare Size Gauge (TA504SG)
Vacuum Pump (TA150XA-220)
Carring Case for Vacuum pump(TA150CS)
Leak Detector (TA430MB)
Electrical Refrigerant Charger (TA101FB)

4-Piston Recovery Unit Quattro

– Another level of recovery performance created by 4 pistons and large cooling condenser.
– Equipped with parallel/series operation switching for maximum recovery efficiency.
– In this system, the intake refrigerant is compressed and liquefied by a compressor and sealed in a cylinder.
– Liquid is collected by pressurizing it with a collection machine.
– Refrigerant treatment function for residual refrigerant in the recovery unit.

Recovery-Recycle Cylinder with Float Level Switch

Size: 576H x 310mm
Net Weight: Approx. 16.1kg
Capacity: 24L(20kg)
Standard: FC3
Pressure-Resistant: 5.0Mpa 725PSI
Sensor plug: 3Pins

R410,R32 5/16 One-Touch Connector with Stop Valve (Elbow)

Connecting Port Size – 5/16 Female Flare(with Core Dpressor) x 5/16 Male Flare
Length – 47 mm

Spring Type Tube Bender Set

Insert the copper tube inside spring bender to bend.

Applicable copper tube – 1/4(6.35mm), 3/8(9.53mm), 1/2(12.7mm), 5/8(15.88mm), 3/4(19.05mm)

Tasco Electric Flaring Tool

Do not need Power Supply! Equiped ith High Power Li-ion Battery!!
Battery potential for approximately 300 flaring jobs per fully charged.
(In case of 1/4,3/8 flared)
Can carry anywhere and Easy Work, High Quality and Efficiency with Rechargeable Type.

Applicable copper pipe size – 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4
Processing method – Eccentric Cone(Constant-pressure plunge rotation)
Power – DC Motor
Battery – Li-ion Battery(10.8V)
Weight – Main Body:1650g / Include Battery:2120g
Size – L157 X W70 X H250mm / Include Battery:H310mm
Set Contents – Main unit, Li-ion Battery(10.8V), AC Adapter for Charing, Flare Bar x 2

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